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Live streamed with Meir Yeshurun
March 06, 2017 to May 29, 2017
AT Kabbalah Centre Philippines
PRICE: P1000 for a month, P 2600 for a quarter
The Weekly Online Zohar Class  is a guide for the days and weeks of your life. It helps you understand the laws of the universe so you can live in harmony with them – all for the purpose of... read more
Wednesdays| 10 WEEKS
June 21, 2017 to August 23, 2017
AT Kabbalah Centre Philippines
PRICE: 7200
In Power of Kabbalah Level One you learn to begin identifying blockages from your life and understanding that you and only you create your reality. Power of Kabbalah Level Two presents you with the... read more
March 29, 2017 to June 14, 2017
AT Kabbalah Centre Philippines
PRICE: 2200
The Power of Kabbalah (POK) 1 is a paradigm-shifting course that reveals the secrets to all kabbalistic teachings, the golden rules you can master if you seek more fulfillment in your life.It shows... read more
August 30, 2017 to November 15, 2017
AT Kabbalah Centre Philippines
PRICE: P7200; retakers P 3600
In Power of Kabbalah (POK) 1 you learn that life doesn't happen to you; you happen to life. In Power of Kabbalah (POK) 2 you learn to discover your blockages (ego, anger, hatred, negativity, garbage... read more
8 week course for Families | Tuesdays
April 04, 2017 to May 23, 2017
AT Kabbalah Centre Philippines
PRICE: P3000 (per family)
Introduce children to the Game of Life – a fun, interactive way to learn the universal spiritual principles for achieving happiness, confidence and lasting fulfillment. If you want to play the game,... read more
RT : To truly accomplish the purpose for which we came to this world, we need to push against our nature and get outside of our comfort zone. 2 weeks 5 days ago